AR App

App “Augmented Berlin”

The AR experience begins on 8 May 1945 amidst the ruins of Pariser Platz: Surrender, collapse, or liberation? Explore the stories of a victim of persecution who survived the war in hiding in Berlin and a member of the resistance. Journey back in time to 1933: Witness the gradual exclusion of Berlin’s Jewish citizens from public life, through to their deportation from 1941 onwards. Some refuse to be bowed and flee into the underground. A life in hiding begins. The visually compelling stories are based on interviews and autobiographies. Watch as Pariser Platz is transformed over the course of twelve years, taking you from 1933 through to the chaos of the end of the war in 1945. 

The app will be released in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store during the digital theme week.

The “Augmented Berlin” app also features five stories developed by Kulturprojekte Berlin in cooperation with BetaRoom for the festival “30th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution – Fall of the Berlin Wall” and first featured on the MauAR app. The app provides a platform to showcase AR content covering a variety of topics related to Berlin, and more content will be added to in the future.