Contemporary witnesses

War Children /
Children of the Blockade

As part of their video project “War Children / Children of the Blockade (Kriegskinder / Kinder der Blockade) media artist Ina Rommee and photographer Stefan Krauss spoke with twelve people who experienced the end of the war as children. The questions they raised as grandchildren of this generation open new perspectives on the events of 1945.

Six eyewitnesses from Berlin speak about World War II, children’s games, air raids, and the flight from war. Their stories are complemented by the accounts of six people from the former city of Leningrad, which was besieged by the German Army from 1941 to 1944. Here and in Russia, the children lost their innocence in the violence of war. Drawing together the threads of these individual stories and collective experiences, the artists behind the project have carefully woven a common history. These videos are available in German only.