Partners and Team

Partners & Team

This project is a collaboration of Kulturprojekte Berlin with the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst and is supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe. It was developed in cooperation with other partners, including the Topography of Terror Foundation, the Allied Museum and the German Resistance Memorial Center. Funding for this project is provided by LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin and Berliner Sparkasse. 

Concept Partners



General Management 
Moritz van Dülmen, Simone Leimbach

Scientific Team
Dr. Bjoern Weigel, Dr. Henning Wellmann

General Coordination 
Antonia Sobik, Adina Schröter

Virtual Exhibition
Curation: Dr. Bjoern Weigel, Dr. Henning Wellmann
Project Contemporary Witnesses: Ina Rommee, Stefan Krauss
Technical Concept & Development: Henne / Ordnung
360-degree Photography & Image Editing: MainWorks
Project Management: Laura Casadevall, Charlotte Landwehr with Antje Schröder
Intern Production: Bernadette Schendina
Narrators: Dr. Bjoern Weigel, Nina Schäfer

Concept & Development: : BetaRoom / Peter Kolski, Marc Palmer
Scientific Team: Dr. Henning Wellmann, Dr. Bjoern Weigel
AR Composition: Peter Kolski, Vincent Stefan, Fabian Gerhardt
Story Author: Fabian Gerhardt
Music Composer: Misha Cvijovic
Voices: Lena Schmidtke, Fabian Gerhardt, Vincent Stefan
Design: Lucas Teixeira

Project Management: Antje Schröder with Laura Casadevall, Charlotte Landwehr

Concept & Development: Kulturprojekte Berlin with Kooperative Berlin
Scientific Team: Dr. Bjoern Weigel
Executive Producer: Merlin Münch
Editor-in-chief: Beate Stender
Hosts: Katja Weber, Markus Dichmann
Project Management: Stefanie Finkbeiner with Charlotte Landwehr

Concept: Till Hurlin, Dr. Bjoern Weigel
Design: Ines Ebel

Projection Mapping Brandenburg Gate
Concept: Kulturprojekte Berlin with Naroska

Head of Communication: Dorett Auerswald
Project Assistant: Laura Hoßfeld
Head of Press & Media Relations: Susanne Galle
Press: Anja Karrasch
Assistant Press & Media Relations: Charlotte Kuke
Head of Social Media & Digital Projects: Antje Schröder
Online / Social Media Management: Charlotte Landwehr
Head of Marketing & Distribution: Till Hurlin
Contribution Marketing & Distribution: Syri Lenssen
Editing: Dr. Gabriele Miketta, Ilona Rühmann
Intern Communication: Emma Jelinski

Graphic & design
Head of Communication Design: Ines Ebel
Corporate Design: Naroska
Design for planned Exhibition: Georg von Wilcken
Communication Design: Lena Naerger, Daniel Büche, Denise Pleger 

Administration & finances
Head of Administration: Katrin Dohne
Administration / Controlling: Cathrin Brinkmann
Administration / Allocations: Isabell Duy

Technical Production
Reik Witzmann, Maria Kusche